Monday, August 8, 2011

stepping out

So I meant to finish up my Alabama wrap-up last week. And then I got a cold/flu. That turned into a raging sinus infection. And then we had company this weekend. And then my dad had his retirement celebration on Sunday from our church where he has been the Senior Pastor for 20 years. And then we thought Lila had chicken pox (but she didn't). Basically my life exploded last week. More on that later...

The wedding was a whirlwind trip, but it was fun to have a little time with my parents, Lila and my sister. My dad had to fly back to NC right after the ceremony to preach on Sunday morning, so it was a girls only reception party. We don't get all gussied up too often so it was fun to just have some dress up pictures and time together.
Lila had been playing with my sister's jewelry when we were getting dressed and decided she wanted to wear some pearls to the wedding. We were worried she would get tired of them and try to pull them off, but apparently we have an accessorizer in our midst. She spent the whole evening lovingly touching her pearls and smiling whenever anyone told her she looked pretty. Oh the hearts this girl will break...
We got to spend time with my aunt and uncle from California and my cousins who live in Chicago and in Alabama. We don't get to see them very often so it was fun to catch up and laugh all night. All the cousins met in Asheville for a long weekend in January this year and we are hoping to keep it an annual tradition since we are all so scattered about the country. DC Cousins Weekend January 2012 baby!
Stepping out with my baby
Can't go wrong cause I'm in right
It's for sure, not for maybe
That I'm all dressed up tonight 
There will be smooth sailing cause I'm trimming my sails  
In my top hat and my white tie and my tails
~"Steppin' Out With My Baby" by Irving Berlin

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